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Blackboard Wings is the name of a non-profit member and apprenticeship training program. It is designed to ’spark’ in those students interested the computational and technical skills necessary to look into the aerospace field (as a possible career) at an entry level position, depending on their interests will determine which field they would specialize in.

The first upcoming project will be a scale-down flying version of the presidential aircraft, this will consist of everything from drawing out the actual plans from which the model will be built, to the design and installations of all necessary equipment for a fully flyable and controllable radio control aircraft. The students will be doing all of the hands on designing and construction of this project using the mentors as guidance and direction as needed.


The working concept here is to mold these students into a workable team capable of doing the impossible, because they believe in themselves and the mentors believe in them. This dispels the myth that the inner city has nothing to offer, there is a wealth of talent and creatiativity untouched or rather written off, well, we’re here to correct that, we can because we believe we can, so let’s get busy!


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