Information - Air Force One: Purpose






The purpose of  “Blackboard Wings” through this project, “Air Force One” is to be able to motivate students using the basic skills that they have already learned in school, math, science, speech, teamwork (sports) and other areas of learning, and to be able to channel those skills into a possible career of Aerospace Engineer.


There is also a strong sense of patriotism here because after all, you are working on the the President’s Airplane, even though it’s only a model, it is still Air Force One. This is also a task considered impossible by many, but these kids don’t hear that. They have a strong sense of accomplishment, they have to, look where they live. If we can instill in them that value of self worth then they will be able to make the impossible possible, yesterday’s fantasy tomorrow’s reality and if anybody’s going to do this, then it’s going to be them (as in this generation). They can do this because they believe they could and then they just went on and got busy.


More importantly here than the obvious goal and mission, is the character affirmation of the person, yes we can choose and meet a goal but over and above that is the self worth of the person, because after they have completed and left the program, what kind of person will they be? We hope (and expect) overcoming and victorious and looking for their next challenge, no we don’t hope, we know!!!



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