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Our objective is to produce a 1/7th scale flying radio control version of the Presidential 747 aircraft, having the kids doing all the work; using retired people from the industry, aircraft-model and full size to combine the technologies to make a workable model of the aircraft. Also considering the size of the model, special attention will have to be given certain areas, such as transportation to and from a given location, warehouse and storage of the model, modular design and construction of the aircraft for transport (via trailer). Because of the shear size of the aircraft F.A.A. approval may be required before flight testing can begin. The size of the model mandates that it be broken up into sections in order to make the most use of the students time and availability. Eight different sections on the total aircraft design allow for the students to choose an area that they would like to work in. Everything from the design and construction of the wooden body (plug), in modular form & design of course, to the flight and power plant systems design and operation, even the vertical stabilizer and elevator control surfaces have to be designed and built to withstand the forces of flight. This is just to name a few of the areas that will need to be filled. The other 2 areas not directly affecting the ‘hands on’ portion of  the building of the model will be, Team Appearance Specialists in which this group will design uniforms for everybody working on the project. The other area will be Project Business Administration-Public Relations & Marketing to keep the paperwork generated in order and everything accountable, as well as scheduling appearances and flight demonstrations of the aircraft. Logistics for both personnel and equipment as well as the model itself will have to be given careful consideration so as to maximize the schedule and to minimumize any conflicts.


Just to make one thing crystal clear, this model will first be made from wood, sealed and then make fiberglass female molds from which the actual carbon fiber aircraft shell will be made. These will all be made according to model specifications based on the full size aircraft scaled down to 1/7th. The design will be such that it duplicates in every way from form to function and the only major difference will be model size relative to the actual aircraft.


No this is not going to be an easy project, no one ever told me it would, nor would I expect it to be because if it was then someone would have done it by now. I like a challenge when doing a project because that’s when I learn new things. Challenging yes, from all aspects, the creative side, for the kids the motivational aspect, the patriotism due to the fact that it is AIR FORCE ONE, the fact that we accomplished what many would call impossible and look at our workforce which is all inner city youth. All facets of this diamond shine because we took on a challenge and met it .



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