Information - Air Force One: Mission Statement


To have the ability to offer primarily keenly interested kids, as well as others,  the ‘Hands On’ computational, technical and design training to produce exact replicas, in 1/7th scale, flying model of the Presidential aircraft. Additionally to introduce, initiate and motivate, as many as possible, of these participants to consider a stable, long term career in Aerospace Engineering or related field.

  Production of a fully operational, flight capable, 1/7th scale radio controlled aircraft model of the VC-25A AIR FORCE ONE. Provide competent instruction and training from conceptual plans to actual large scale models in all phases from systems design and operations to installation and verification as well as any other necessary modifications. The prime difference between the completed models and the actual functional aircraft will be size. 

300 Children (participants) devided into 10 teams, 30 members on each team.


1. Fuselage


2. Wings


3. Engines


4. Tail Section


5. Landing Gear


6. Paint & Markings


7. Flight Control Systems


8. Team Appearance Specialists


9. Interior Furnishings & Lighting


10. Project Business Admin. - P.R. & Market.



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